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Ezoden and Ads...

As you can see the site is free and I am not paid for the content produced. apart from the advertising income. So if you block the advertisements you also block the income that the site can generate. If it is the case know that I understand you. Nothing is more annoying than an ads that takes 3/4 of the screen, for example. I use myself AdBlock Plus on sites where there are more ads than content displayed ...

These blocker are very powerful tools and should be used wisely. You should not block the pub on all sites. Consider a simple example, if everyone used Adblock for example, there would be virtually no free sites or at least much less and especially of poorer quality than what you can find today.

To read an article, someone has to do it and therefore spends time, lots of time. It is work and I do not think you want to work for free... You can say that those who make the sites do it with passion, but I can assure you that after spending hours and hours to provide content we want to monetize it a minimum. It does not generate a fortune but it is always better than nothing.

To summarize, if you like a site and these ads are not too invasive, as here, disable your ad blocker for this site and let the ads be displayed ;) Even if you think that the ads does not interest you and you do not click on it, it is still important because some ads generate income by display.

If you do not know how to reactivate the ads on sites you like while leaving pubs blocked for other sites here are some explanations.

Reactivate the ads for sites you like while leaving it blocked on others

Ads blockers disable advertising on all sites except those you put on whitelist. Several blockers ads exist and I will show you how to add Ezoden to the white list in the 2 more widespread. It may also be your antivirus or something else that blocks the advertising, perhaps even without your knowledge.

AdBlock Plus : an extension for Chrome and Firefox

On Chrome, to disable AdBlock Plus for Ezoden you must click on the red ABP icon on the right in the navigation bar, and then uncheck "Enabled for this site".

On Firefox you should start by displaying the module bar, either in the Option Menu or via the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + /". Once it appears at the bottom of firefox, you must click on the ABP icon and click "Disable for"

In all cases, the background of the icon is gray when the ads are active.

AdBlock : an extension for Chrome

To add Ezoden to the AdBlock whitelist you must click on the red icon with the hand on the top right and select "Don't run on pages on this domain." Then simply confirm by clicking "Exclude". The icon will show a thumbs-up on a green background indicating that the change has been taken into account.

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