Alpha 1.7


MPC-HC is very powerful and it can decode a large number of video and audio formats. We will use ffdshow, in complement, which, will allow us to improve the video quality thanks to different filters.

If your PC is not powerful enough MPC-HC can use the graphics card hardware acceleration for decoding. There is 2 types of hardware decoding, DXVA (compatible with all graphics cards) and CUVID (CUDA only for Nvidia graphics card). DXVA can't use ffdshow filters so if you use it the quality will be a bit lower compared to what we can achieve. CUVID allows the use ffdshow filters so it can be a good option if your CPU is a bit slow.



We are going to create 2 directories to have 2 separate MPC-HC installations, one for headphones and/or stereo speakers (MPC-HC-Stereo) and the other for the amplifier (MPC-HC-Surround). Of course, you can choose to install only one MPC-HC according to your hardware.

Create a MPC-HC-Stereo directory and another one MPC-HC-Surround where you want on your hard drive (eg. C:\MPC-HC\MPC-HC-Stereo). In these directories extract the archive of MPC-HC that you have downloaded. For MPC-HC-Stereo you have to rename the executable mpc-hc.exe to mpc-hc-stereo.exe.

We will create a shortcut on the desktop by right clicking on the executable of MPC-HC (mpc-hc.exe and mpc-hc-stereo.exe) and clicking on "Create Shortcut". Then just cut / paste on the desktop the shortcuts created. MPC-HC may require to be launched as administrator, so right click on the shortcuts and then "Properties", "Advanced" and select "Open as administrator".

Now let's move on MPC-HC configuration. We will only configure MPC-HC-Surround and we will simply copy the settings file mpc-hc-surround.ini which is going to be created at the end of the configuration in the MPC-HC-Surround directory and paste it into MPC-HC-Stereo directory.

Remember to click on Apply (Appliquer on the screen because I use a french Windows) each time you configure a part.

Please note that if you are in analog or HDMI PCM to enjoy DTS-HD it will require that you install TotalMedia Theater and you copy in the directory LAVFilters inside MPC-HC-Surround and MPC-HC-Stereo the dll "dtsdecoderdll.dll" of the TotalMedia Theater directory (work only in 32bits).

Selecting Softwares
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